Deliciously deconstructed Reubens

So, I tried out this recipe before I started my blog, and I thought that I’d give it a second go around.

The Inspiration

I’m Irish. I like Irish food. And nothing really is more Irish than a Reuben. I grew up on these things, every St. Patty’s Day my mom would make a corned beef and cabbage. It was one of the best days of the year. She would even dye the milk green.

Because of about 25 percent of my heritage, I decided to put a new spin on the Reuben, to deconstruct it (basically just pull it apart and put it on a plate).

The Recipe

The sandwich

(1) corned beef 

(2) slices of rye bread

(1/4-1/2) cup sour kraut

(1-2) tablespoons Thousand Island 

(1) tablespoon horseradish

(2) slices of cheese (preferably swiss) 

The Thousand Island  

(4) tablespoons mayonnaise

(2) tablespoons ketchup

(2) tablespoons relish/diced pickles

Step One

Follow instructions on corned beef to cook. Usually, you boil corned beef for about 50 minutes per pound of beef. I simmered mine for about 2 hours and 10 minutes.


Step Two

Create thousand island. Combine all ingredients in a small bowl until smooth.


Step Three

Toast rye.


Step Four

Spread horseradish on bread.


Step Five

Spread thousand island.


Step Six

Apply cheese. I didn’t have swiss, so I used Colby jack.


Step Seven

Slice corned beef about 1/4 inch thick. Slap on bread.


Step Eight

Apply sour kraut. Top with pickle.



Step Nine


The Verdict

This is definitely my favorite sandwich. It was even good eaten with a knife and fork. I would say 9/10, cause nothing can actually be perfect.






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