Fish fry on a “Fry”day night

Hey guys,

This week I capitalized on the idea of free food again. fish-bag

A few weekends ago, Olivia’s (my girlfriend) dad invited me to go fishing with him. I took the hour and a half drive down to Trempealeau, Wis. (near La Crosse) and we fished for perch from about 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. It was a day to just relax and have fun.

When we got back to the boat launch, we ended up with 14 good sized perch, ate some dinner, and headed home.

I was a little sad on my drive home because I wasn’t able to take any of the fish home with me because I couldn’t transport them in my little car.

When I visited Oshkosh to see Olivia’s family last weekend, Mr. Revolinski surprised me with three big freezer bags full of perch, including the ones we caught that weekend.

Kevin Revolinski, the practically pro fisherman, with one of best catches of the day.

Because of his generosity, this one goes out to you Mr. Revolinski. You rock!

The Inspiration

I was inspired to make fish because I, along with Olivia, have grown up around Friday night fish fries, but I had never done one on my own.

I was also inspired by fellow blogger Hannah Frendt Ripp who runs The Recipe Collective; she posted a TastingTable article about all the recipes that Millenials should know how to make. One of those recipes was fish, so I had to prove my skills.

The Recipe

I kinda just made this one up. I took what I had in my brain and tried my best to make things work with the groceries I had.

Disclaimer: this recipe really works well with lake fish, i.e. bass, perch, walleye. It’s not really good with ocean/store-bought fish like salmon and tilapia. 


(∞) of any kind of fish.

(1/2) cup of flour.

(1/2) cup of crushed crackers (I used some old ones I found in my cupboard). Ritz usually work best.

(1) tbsp paprika.

(1/2) cup of oil. I used canola oil, but peanut oil is probably your best option.


(2) large potatoes. I used Russett, you can use whatever you like the most.

(2) tbsp garlic salt.

(1/4) cup oil.

Tartar Sauce 

(1/3) cup mayonnaise.

(1/4) cup of diced pickles.

(1) tbsp lemon juice.

Step One

Slice potatoes in any way you like. I chose to do as thin as I can so I get a chip like spud. Rub in oil on a baking sheet.

Bake in oven 400° oven for about 20-25 minutes.


Step Two

crush crackers to as fine grain as you can, combine with flour and paprika.


Step Three

coat fish evenly on both sides with flour mixture.


Step Four

coat pan/skillet with about (1/8) oil (you will do this periodically to keep oil clean). Turn burner on at medium heat.


Step Five

place 2-4 pieces of fish in pan at one time. cook for 2-3 minutes on one side until golden brown.


Step Six

combine mayonnaise, pickles and lemon juice until smooth.


Step Seven

salt everything to desired taste, use garlic salt for potatoes.

Step Eight


you can also see the potatoes up on the top left.

The Verdict

I didn’t get any good quotes this week, but I really liked it. The breading was light and crispy. The potatoes I burnt a little but they were still tasty. The tartar sauce added a good creamy quality. Overall, I felt I was able to do the classic Friday night fish fry justice.



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